Biology 12

In Biology 12, the course explores the genetic makeup of organisms and the diversity of life. Stemming away from biology 11 where the course was mainly about homeostasis in the human body, biology 12 dives into the microscopic aspects of life. The course is focused on two separate main themes, 1) genetics – macroscopically (what we see) and microscopically (what we cannot see) and 2) diversity of life – organization of various kingdom, phyla, classes, and families.

In order to be successful in biology 12, students must not fall behind in their readings and work. Due to the nature of the content and the amount of details needed, students must keep up with their readings and homework. Dissections are also a part of the biology 12, and must be done in a fashion that the students keep well drawn drawings.

The units found in gr.12 biology are as follows:

  1. Genetics
    1. Macroscopic (phenotypes and genotypes) and diseases
    2. Microscopic (DNA, RNA, and Protein)
  2. Diversity of life
  3. Evolution

A typical rubric is as follows:

30% for Final Exam

70% for in class work

  • 40% / 70% is on quizzes and tests
  • 20% / 70% is on assignments/projects
  • 10% / 70% is on lab work/homework



Updated notes 2017: notes1 genetics

Notes 2: notes2genetics

Notes on Mitosis – 1mitosis

Notes of meiosis – 2meiosis

Incomplete dominance notes – 5incompletedominance

Non disjunction disorders – 6non-disjunction-disorders

Downsyndrome reading –  down-syndrome

Kleinfelter reading –  kleinfelter

Sex determination – sex-determination

Turner syndrome – turner-syndrome







What you need to know checklist: unit-2-list


Meiosis notes – 2meiosis

Replication of DNA reading – chapter-12-molecular-genetics-p

In class notes on DNA Replication and History of DNA – unit-3-mechanisms-of-inheritance

In class notes on Transcription and translation – unit-3-transcription-and-translation

Genetic Mutations Notes: notes3-genetic-mutations

Transcription and translation notes – transcription-and-translation-notes

Biotechnology notes: biotech notes

Transcription diagrams – transcription-diagrams

Videos to watch:

Top 10 discoveries of Genetics

DNA Replication process video

Transcription and translation video

How transcription works?

How translation works?

Translation Protein Synthesis video

Games to play:

DNA Building game

Worksheets and assignments:

Discovery of DNA timeline cards – dna-timeline-cards

History of DNA Discovery timeline assignment –  history-of-dna-discovery-timeline-assignment

DNA Model Design Assignment – dna-model-design

DNA Replication process Assignment – dna-replication-process-name

Codon worksheet – codon-worksheet

Protein synthesis worksheet – protein-synthesis-amino-acid-worksheet-examples

DNA Mutations worksheet assignment – bio-40s-mutations-worksheet

Create your own Mutant Assignment: create-your-own-mutant and mutations-activity


What you need to know checklist: unit-2-list


  1. Notes 1: Evolution intro with Darwin: unit5evolution1
  2. Notes 2: Natural selection and adaptations: unit5evolution2a
  3. Taxonomy notes 1:
  4. Taxonomy notes 2: taxonomy2



Videos to watch:

Jumping spider (ant)

Bower Bird

Mimic Octopus

Darwin’s Dangerous Idea



Classification notes 1: Bacteria / archaea / Eukarya notes: taxonomy2

Fungi notes: 1fungi

Protista notes: protista1

Plants notes: introtoplants1

Methods of Classification Notes: animal classifications

Organizing Life’s Diversity Notes: Organizing Life’s Diversity Unit animal section

1st branch – porifera and cnideria notes – Phylum Porifera and Cnideria

2nd branch – platyhelminthes and nematodes notes – Phylum Platyhelminthes – acoelomate and nematodes (pseudocoelomate)

3rd branch – arthropoda, annelids and mollusca notes –Phylum Mollusca annelids Arthropoda

4th branch – echinodermata notes

5th branch – chordates notes


Cladogram worksheet – cladogram worksheet

Bacteria – bioagents short assignment: Terror by the trillions

Choose a protist short assignment: Choose a protist

Fungus review: The Fungus Review

Plants assignment: plants assignment

Simple Review Assignment: review assignment

Drawing simple cladogram assignment: Simple Cladograms

3 assignment package: 3 assignment package



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