In a recent music video made by the Black Eyed Peas, the video showcases numerous silent yet powerful images of the atrocities occurring around the World.  The students may initially be drawn to the celebrities/singers/artists in the video, the images in the video can act as a fantastic classroom discussion.  The music video can be shown to extract prior knowledge from students on their understanding of worldly events.  The pictures could be paused and have students research on the location, what is happening?, why?, their personal stance, what their country is doing, and what they can do moving forward.

Where is the Love? Remake – Black Eyed Peas

Picture 1: Where did this occur? What happened in the picture? What was the reason for the boy to be on the beach? What are the statistics regarding Syrian refugees?

Picture 3: What was the picture regarding the police and the demonstrator about? What was the reason? What are the statistics of caucasian police officers vs black police officers?  Who were the ‘non-artists’ in the video?

Overall, what were the two main major Worldly events that the video used in the music video?

Moving forward, what are some ideas that you can do as a student or student population regarding the events shown on the video?