Biology 11

Welcome to Biology 11!

The theme of gr.11 biology revolves around the big picture of wellness and homeostasis in our human bodies. The course will investigate and dive into the various systems of the body and look at the microscopic details that keep our bodies in balance.

Assessment Rubric:

Lab Outline: The lab component of the course includes dissections as well as a variety of lab activities that will tie into the material being covered in class. Labs consist of 25% of the term work mark and will play a major role in the mid-term assessment. Major lab activities will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sheep Pluck Dissection
  2. Rat Dissection
  3. Sheep Brain Dissection
  4. Sheep Kidney
  5. Cow Eye Dissection
  6. Many different nutrient tests, blood labs, urinary labs, etc.

The units found in gr.11 biology are as follows:

  1. Wellness and Homeostasis – Includes cell membrane, osmosis, cellular transport, and basic cell organelle review
  2. Digestive system – Overview of the organs from macroscopic to microscopic views of digestion.
  3. Cardiovascular & Blood – Blood type and the circulatory system (blood vessels to heart)
  4. Respiratory system – Overview of the organs involved in respiration
  5. Excretion – Kidneys and urinary system
  6. Immune system & Nervous system-
  7. Reproductive system

A typical rubric is as follows:

30% for Final Exam

70% for in class work

  • 40% / 70% is on quizzes and tests
  • 20% / 70% is on assignments/projects
  • 10% / 70% is on lab work/homework

Unit 1: Homeostasis & Wellness:


Unit 1 | Notes 1: notes1biounit1

Unit 1 | Notes 2: notes2biounit1

Unit 1 | Notes 3: notes3biounit1


Egg Osmosis Pre-Lab: Egg osmosis pre lab  – Pre-Lab

Egg Osmosis Lab: Egg Osmosis Lab

Osmosis lab with dialysis tubing: Diffusion (dialysis tubing)

Comparing Cell to factory: Comparing a cell to a factory

Lab | Crickets Respiration Lab: Crickets respiration lab

Wellness Student Portfolio: Wellness portfolio

Unit 2: Digestive System & Nutrition


Unit 2 | Notes 1: biounit2notes1

Lab notes: Identifying-Macromolecules-Lab

Worksheets & Labs: 

Lactose Intolerant Article: ARTICLE Lactose Intolerance (with questions)

Testing for Carbohydrates Lab: Basic Testing for Carbohydrates Lab

Testing for Proteins Lab: Basic Testing for Proteins Lab

Testing for Starch Lab: Basic Testing for Starch with enzymes Lab

Digestive Orders Presentation Assignment: Digestive Disorders

Overview Visual Assignment: Overview visual assignment

Digestive system speed dating activity (use with flash cards below): Digestion flash cards

Digestive System Speed Dating activity

Unit 2b: Sub-unit Macromolecules


Unit 2b | Notes 1: Introduction to Macromolecules

Introduction to Macromolecules student edition: introduction-to-macromolecules-student

Worksheets & Labs: 

Summary table of macromolecules: macromolecules-summary-table

Summary table of Digestive system: summary-table-key

Summary table of digestive system: summary-table

Project Macromolecules

Videos to watch:

Dr.Gunther – Anatomy for Beginners Digestion



Unit 3: Blood & Circulation


Unit 3 | Notes 1: 1notescirculation

Student Notes: 1notecirculation-students

Unit 3 | Notes 2 :2Blood diseases

Blood disorder notes summary: blood-disorders-notes

Blood groups inquiry notes: blood-groups

Blood transfusion inquiry notes: blood-transfusion-inquiry-reading

Unit 3 | Notes 3: 3Blood Groups

Unit 3 | Notes 4: 4NotesStructure and Function of Vessels

Unit 3 | Notes 5: 5Heart Detailed

Unit 3 | Notes 5: 5Heart

Unit 3 | Notes: blood-flow-through-the-heart notes

Unit 3 | Notes 6: Blood pressure and Heart disorder with cardiac cycle notes ekg and bloodpressure notes

Unit 3 | Notes 7: 7Bloodflowaroundbody

Unit 3 | Notes: The Circulatory System

Worksheets & Labs: 

Unit Review:  Biology 30S – unit review.pdf

Unit Project: Scientific Inquiry – Designing your own experiment 

Blood flow around the body town map assignment – heart-diagram-and-flow-of-blood-around-the-body

Designing your own blood type:  Designing blood type and transfusion

Unit Worksheet:  Heart Anatomy and Physiology

Worksheet1:  Blood worksheet1

Worksheet2:  Blood worksheet2

Worksheet3:  Blood worksheet3

Worksheet4:  Blood worksheet4

Worksheet5:  Blood worksheet5

Worksheet6:  Blood worksheet6

Blood disorder pamphlet – blood-disorder-pamphlet

Dissection heart – pig-pluck-heart-dissection


Blood Flow Through the Heart diagram:  Blood-flow-through-the-heart.pdf

Heart Diagram Printout: Heart diagram printout.pdf

Heart Diagram:  Heart Diagram.pdf 

Cardiac Cycle: Cardiac cycle.pdf

Useful Video Links:


Unit 4: Respiration


Unit 5 | Notes 1: respirationnotes1

Worksheets & Labs: 

Respiratory Unit Project: Respiratory System Unit Project

Respiratory Unit Project ver.2: Respiratory System Unit Project ver 2

Sheep Pluck Dissection: Sheep pluck dissection printout

Useful Video Links:


Unit 5: Excretory System


Unit 6 | Notes 1: 1Metabolic wastes and Structures

Unit 6 | Notes 2: 2Structures of urinary system

Unit 6 | Notes 3: 3Feedback Mechanism

Unit 6 | Notes 4: 4Disease and Disorders

Worksheets & Labs: 

Organ Trade Article/Question: Organtrade.doc

Unit Group Work: Excretion and Waste Management Unit Group Work

Unit Excretory Review: Unit Review

Worksheet 1: Worksheet 1 


Overview of excretory system: Overview of excretory.pdf

Diagram of Nephron: Nephron diagram.pdf

Unit 6: Nervous System


Unit 7 | Notes 1: Nervous system Notes1


Brain Diagram: Brain diagram.pdf

Reflex Arc: Reflex arc.pdf

Action Potential / SodiumPotassium pump diagram: Action potential diagram.pdf

Useful Video Links:


Unit 7: Immune System





Useful Video Links:


Final Exam Review:

Final Exam Review: Biology 2016 review

Final exam CNSC Review: biology CSNC review

Overview dissection: Biology Overview Dissection Assignment

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