Electromagnetic Spectrum

—This spectrum is broad and covers a wide range of various waves.

—We can only see a tiny portion of the wave and that is our COLOURS.













What exactly is an electromagnetic wave?

Happens when an electric field couples with a magnetic field. The two fields run perpendicular with each other








—Where do we see or find it?

  • Turn on the radio
  • Hey our cell phone is wireless? How?
  • Wireless internet? Really? How?
  • Microwave dinners are cooked without anything touching it? How?


  • The distance over which the wave’s shape repeats itself
  • Wavelength is represented by λ lambda
  • Since waves are so short, they are measured in nanometres, or metres x 10-9
  • 350nm is 350 x 10-9 m


  • How many wavelengths get passed through per time (unit)
  • Expressed in hertz (hz) or s-1 and denoted by v (Greek letter “nu”)









The longer the wavelength, the smaller the frequency, the lower the energy.

Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency and energy. The longer the wavelength, the small the frequency and energy.