Unit 6: Aqueous Solutions

This is the first unit of the gr.12 Chemistry course but is usually taught as the 2nd unit after the Atomic Structure unit.

This unit revisits the solutions unit from gr.11 in how ionic compounds are dissociated into separate ions in solution and the concept of molarity with dilutions.

Key topics of this unit are:

1. Understanding and using solubility rules to predict products

2. Assigning oxidation numbers

3. Correctly identifying an oxidation and reduction reaction and count number of electrons moved.

4. Neutralization reaction involving stoichiometry.

Topics Covered

  • Developing and using a set of solubility rules to predict products
  • Write neutralization reactions and calculate the amount needed to neutralize
  • Design and test a procedure to determine the identity of a variety of unknown solutions
  • Assigning oxidation numbers
  • Identify oxidation and reduction reactions and the number of electrons moved
  • Balance reactions with oxidation numbers in both acidic and basic solutions