Topics in Science | Forensic Science


Class: Topic of Science 30/40S

Major Theme: Forensic Science

Textbook: Dr. Henry C Lee – Forensic Science Today


Introductory Unit: The basics – Physical Evidence – Chapters 2 & 3

Unit 1: Finger printing Chapter 4

Unit 2: Trace and Drug evidence Chapters 5 & 6

Unit 3: Biological evidence – Serology/DNA/Bloodstain/Imprints & Impressions Chapters 7 – 11

Unit 4: Physical evidence – Firearms/arson/chemical/digital Chapters 12 – 15


Forensic Science

This year’s Topic in Science 30/40S will revolve around the major theme of Forensics. The class will be introduced the basics of forensic science, and the science behind the various techniques involved in forensic science. Majority of the class time will involve activities / investigations in looking at different techniques and pop culture TV clips in how forensics is done in real life. The students will perform, investigate and also come up with their own “Crime scene” for other students to complete.

Recommended bookstiff

Aside from the required textbook that is provided. The book “Stiff” by Mary Roach also provides a comedic yet journalistic approach in the life of forensic scientists and their work with cadavers.


The final grade of this class will be heavily weighed on in class work. There is no final formal exam piece while a final major project will be in lieu of a final exam.

In class laboratory notebook: 10%
In class work 40%
Quizzes and tests 30%
Final project 20%


1 04-Jan  First day back
2 06-Jan
3 08-Jan  Fingerprint notes / Forensic friday
4 11-Jan Serology start
5 12-Jan  Blood evidence notes 1
6 14-Jan  Serology Notes: Blood Notes
7 19-Jan  First day back from MYA – Blood Antigen design assignment
8 20-Jan  Continue on Blood antigen design
9 21-Jan  Finish blood antigen design –
10 25-Jan Blood typing Worksheet activity
11 27-Jan  Finish blood typing activity –
12 28-Jan  Blood typing activity
13 01-Feb  Finish blood typing activity
14 03-Feb  Blood splatter activity lab
15 05-Feb  Finish blood splatter activity lab
16 08-Feb  continue with blood spatter activity – luminol notes

blood evidence notes 2

17 09-Feb  Blood impact lab / activity
18 11-Feb  Forensic Files
19 17-Feb  Blood Spatter Lab (Trauma)
20 18-Feb  Blood Spatter Lab (Trauma) finish
21 19-Feb  Blood review WS
22 23-Feb  Blood spatter analysis IV
23 25-Feb  Blood review work period (finish all labs)
24 Feb-29  Blood unit Review

Blood review worksheet KEY

25 01-Mar  Blood Test – Blood typing, blood spatter analysis.
25 03-Mar Serial killer research / profiling /

Inside a Criminal’s Mind

CBC documentary on Psychopaths

27 07-Mar  Finish notes on psychopath and antisocial personality disorder
28 08-Mar  Finish notes on psychopath and antisocial personality disorder
29 09-Mar  Work on criminal minds presentation
30 11-Mar  Work on criminal minds presentation
31 15-Mar  Finish notes on psychopath vs sociopath

Work on research presentation

32 16-Mar Work on research presentation
33 17-Mar Work on research presentation
34 21-Mar  Presentations
35 23-Mar  Presentations
36 24-Mar  Presentations
37 05-Apr  Final project – case study project
38 07-Apr  Resume presentations 2
39 11-Apr Presentations  2
40 12-Apr  Presentations 2
41 13-Apr  Presentations 2
42 15-Apr  Presentations 2
43 19-Apr  Presentions
44 20-Apr  Final Day presentations
45 21-Apr  Handwriting analysis
46 25-Apr  Handwriting analysis
47 27-Apr  Handwriting analysis / DNA start
48 28-Apr DNA basics and analysis
49 29-Apr  DNA analysis
50 03-May Topics in Science – Final Project
51 05-May  Final Project Start – Planning prep
52 06-May  Final project work
53 09-May  Final Project
54 11-May  Final Project – Hand in 1
55 13-May  Final Project
56 16-May Final Project –
57 17-May  Final Project – hand in 2
58 19-May  Final project setup
59 25-May  Final Project setup
60 26-May  Final project setup
61 27-May  Final project peer evaluation
62 31-May  Final project peer evaluation
63 02-Jun  Final Project peer evaluation
64 03-Jun  Final Project evaluations
65 06-Jun  Final Project evaluations
66 08-Jun  Final project evaluation
67 10-Jun  Last day of classes!!!


Topics Plan
1 10-Sep Homeroom
2 14-Sep Intro self – What is Topics in Science? Syllabus intro – Questionnaire cards / Brain storm Interests Topics
3 15-Sep Unit 1: What is forensic science? Mug shot & profiles.  Why do we need it? Selective attention videos.
4 16-Sep Continue on Unit 1: How do we use science in investigating? How do we secure a crime scene? And search a crime scene?
5 18-Sep In classroom surveying crime scene observations.  (Note taking, marking evidence and sketching the scene)
6 22-Sep Work on 1st Assignment

Finish notes on Physical evidence

7 23-Sep Create crime scene for others.
8 24-Sep  Walk for Cancer – No classes
9 29-Sep Finish and hand in assignment
10 01-Oct Crime scene presentations

Finish notes

Case profile 2

11 02-Oct Forensic Files – Over and out
12 05-Oct  Unit 2 – physical evidence start (finger prints and hand writing)
13 07-Oct  Fingerprinting impressions – practice

Fingerprint Notesforensics fp notes1

14 09-Oct  Finger Print notes finish – Finger prints activity
15 13-Oct  Analyze Fingerprints
16 14-Oct  Fingerprint ridges
17 16-Oct  Forensic Files –
18 20-Oct  Who robbed the bank case study?
19 21-Oct  Unit Test
20 22-Oct  Forensic files
21 28-Oct  Latent Finger prints notes / activity
22 30-Oct  Latent finger print activity
23 02-Nov  Forensic files
24 03-Nov  Finish Lab
25 05-Nov  Read Ch.1 of “Stiff”
26 09-Nov  Finish Latent finger print notes and finish finger print assignment
27 10-Nov  Start on Trace Evidence notes
28 12-Nov  Finish fingerprint – start microscope notes / activity
29 17-Nov  Microscope / Fiber lab
30 19-Nov  Microscope / Fiber lab
31 20-Nov Forensic Files
32 23-Nov  Case Study – Fibers
33 25-Nov  Case Study – Fibers conclusion
34 27-Nov  Forensic files
35 30-Nov  Case study- Fibers Finish
36 01-Dec Partner Group work Hair Trace Evidence Project

Hair Trace Evidence Group Project Presentation

37 03-Dec  Fiber Lab Due

Partner Group work Hair Trace Evidence Project

38 07-Dec  Small group work on Hair presentation
39 09-Dec  Small group work on Hair presentation
40 11-Dec  Forensic Files
41 15-Dec  Hair Presentation day
42 17-Dec Crime Scene Group Project
43 18-Dec  Forensic Files