Here’s a wonderful article written about our Arctic Science trip and experiences at the St.Boniface Youth BIOlab.

As posted on June 2017 Via The Seine: 

Science on the move

A Collège St. Norbert Collegiate science teacher got his students out from behind their desks and warm classrooms this winter to make book learning real.

Arctic Science Day

Teacher Roby Yeung’s Grade 11 students donned full winter gear and headed to the outdoor Arctic Science Day at Fort Whyte Alive in March. They spent the day with Arctic scientists who showed them how they research the North, and gave students hands-on opportunities. Students collected water samples to test the oxygen conductivity and pH level of the lake to investigate the health of the lake, examined the differences between lake ice and sea ice, and learned about the role of algae in the lives of arctic wildlife. “The students had a tremendous time meeting real scientists and seeing the dedication and perseverance required in the scientific field. Science is not simply the memorization and regurgitation of facts and figures like students might believe, but the questioning, designing and testing of our natural world,” says Yeung, who teaches science, chemistry and biology.

BIOlab experiences

At the Youth BIOlab Jeunesse in St. Boniface, students can observe and participate in real biomedical science in a world-class research centre. This year, Yeung took Grade 11 and 12 biology classes there to explore subjects including DNA analysis and cardiovascular research. “It’s a good experience to see how things really work, and how people who work in the field practice it,” says Caleb, a Grade 11 student who went on the lab visit when students helped isolate a heart valve. “It’s very inspirational to know all these people are working so hard to find new things and help other people, and to see how they are so passionate about everything they do,” Caleb adds.