Sub plan May 19th

Science 20 (25 students)

Please have the students work on their assignment 1 (Illustrating, identifying, and defining) various factors of an ecosystem.

I have introduced this assignment to them yesterday, so they should have their assignments.  There are extras in the basket on the right, and large pieces of paper for them to colour on. The assignment is due on Wednesday.  They can leave the terms that we have not done until next week and work on the terms that we have done.

Biology 40 (21 copies)

Please hand out the transcription and translation notes

They can attempt to complete the transcription and translation worksheet.  Tell them that I will re-teach the topic when I get back.  It’s a challenging one.

Period 3: Bio 30  x 22 copies

Please have the work on the Excretion Waste management Unit Group work sheet.

They DO NOT have to cut out and tape their organs onto their partners in Task 2.  Just label and colour.


Period 4 – Prep

Period 5: Chem 30 – In chemistry lab  x 23

Have them read their “molarity and dilution” notes (they should have them) and have them continue working on their molarity and dilution questions. The booklet is due on Tuesday.