All about me

Countries I have set foot in

Cambodia, China, Dubai, El Salvador, Japan, Ghana, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S, Vietnam


M.Ed ’20, B.Ed ’09, B.A (Psychology) ’07, B.Sc (Biochemistry) ’04 

Favourite place to sit and ponder:

Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour

an awkward moment:

Having to pee with 7 local Ghanaians women on the side road on my way back to Accra.

most remarkable man-made structure witnessed

Modern: Burj al Arab in Dubai

Historic: Great Wall of China

Meals that i can still remember for better or worse

In Taiwan, where I was fed numerous well presented courses that did not taste as well as it looked. Also in Taiwan where I tried a live Alaskan King crab.

1 quick reminiscence

Walking through the local market (circ circ circ circle) in Accra, Ghana on a regular busy day.


Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my website. If you are really interested in reading about me, here goes. Angkor Wat I have been teaching with the proper Education training (with B.Ed) for 11 years with this year being my 12th. Before jumping immediately into the public school system, I went to Ghana (located in West Africa) and taught at the Manitoba affiliated school for half a year before coming back to Canada. Most recently, I was in the beautiful island of Penang, in Malaysia teaching at an International School based on the U.S curriculum.


Prior to attaining the proper training, I was overseas in the busy city of Hong Kong where I found myself teaching English to 13 kindergarten classes in the morning and high school English in the afternoon. It was that year that made me decide to come back to Univ of Manitoba to complete my B.Ed.


One of my most favourite things to do is to travel. It is funny because I never really saw the benefits of traveling and exploring until I really stepped outside my comfort zone, I realized that traveling has provided me with a broader insight and also confidence.  Traveling may be small as going down to the next city, or to the States, but I believe that if you really do want to experience, you must immerse yourself into the culture. Resorts and “1st World” places may be comforting, but until you simply interact and immerse yourself with the local culture, it is then when you fully experience the life.


My teaching philosophy in a nutshell: Kids in Diriamba, NicaraguaIf you were asked the question: 
What do you remember from school when you were in school? 
I am pretty confident that you will not say the minute details or the exact questions that you were once tested on (except the important questions that you got wrong or the ones you got right while others got wrong). Most people will say the unique funny teacher, the horrendous teacher, the experiments they did, or some odd mnemonic strategy. Experience is crucial in learning and the learning someone acquires through experience is more fruitful than any learning done through rote memorization. But the experience is not enough. I am sure some of you can say that what if I had a horrendous experience, say hitting a deer while driving?

The next part should come hand in hand with experience, and that is a tDubai t i t u d e. Students in GhanaI generally teach based on the premise that we are all different, whether physically, emotionally, our history, experiences, learning styles and culturally, we all see and approach things differently. Some of us are might be able to learn calculus quickly, while some can write an elegant short story, but the common factor that underlies all aspects of our experience and learning is our attitude. I believe having a healthy and positive attitude will prepare us for any adversity that life brings that even having some societal attainment such as University degrees cannot prepare us for. With the proper attitude, and the positive approach in seeing any experience as a learning experience, life in itself becomes more rewarding. So, go and keep a healthy and open mind, while continually having the passion to explore, learn and always challenge ourselves. 
So stay positive, explore, keep an open mind and be kind.