Question 1:  In humans, long eyelashes are dominant; short eyelashes are recessive. A woman with long eyelashes and a man with long eyelashes have four children. One child has short eyelashes; the others have long eyelashes.

a) List the probable genotypes of the parents.

b) List the probable genotypes of the children.

Question 2: Peas may have yellow or green seed. A cross between a green seed plant and a yellow seed plant (P generation) produced all yellow seed in the F1 generation.

a) Identify the genotypes of the P generation.

b) What would the phenotypes ratio of yellow seeds to green seeds be if one plant from the F1 was crossed with the yellow seed plant from the P generation?

Question 3: In cattle, polled (hornless) is dominant to horned. If a breeder of purebred cattle, all of which are polled, suspects that her recently purchased prize bull is heterozygous for the horned allele, how might she determine whether her suspicion is correct?