Building large size game replicas

Building large size game replicas

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.01.43 PMThere is always an allure of having things grand and large. Large tractors, sky scrappers, or any majestic natural wonders of the world have always been the attraction for our gaze.

Learning about electrical circuits has always been one of the most engaging units in gr.9 science.

In the electricity unit, one of the main outcomes is to differentiate between a series and a parallel circuit and the best way for students to grasp the difference is for them to actually build the circuits themselves.

As an extension of the circuit building outcomes, many simple games can be made to excite the students’ imagination and expand their circuit building skills. Games such as the “Loop the Loop” game, where a metal loop is carefully thread through another metal pathway without touching the metal.  If the metal loop touches the metal pathway, a light or buzzer would turn on.  This activity can allow the students to play around and investigate how circuits are more than just an on and off switch, rather games are based on circuit building.

Another extension is building the classic Operations game.  This game is a lot more challenging as the circuits involve more strategic thinking and planning but the game will definitely strengthen the students understanding.

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