Chem 40 – Theme 4 | Exploring uses of redox reactions 


How were elements created? 

What you need to learn


Specific Outcome

  1. Explain reduction and oxidation reactions in terms of electron movements (C12-01-08)
  2. Determining oxidation numbers for atoms in compounds and ions (C12-01-09)
  3. Identify reactions as redox or non-redox (C12-01-10) 
  4. Balance redox reactions  (C12-01-11)
  5. Practical uses of redox reactions (C12-01-12) 
  6. Define reaction rate  (C12-03-01)
  7. Identify variables to monitor reaction rates (C12-03-02)
  8. Factors that affect reaction rates (C12-03-05)
  9. What happens when a reaction occurs using Collision Theory?  (C12-03-06)
  10. Draw Potential Energy diagrams of a reaction ( C12-03-07)

How you are assessed


  1. Group design of food pH indicator and presentation
  2. Quizzes on writing ionic, net ionic, and solubility.  



Tutorial Videos

Watch these to help and guide you along. You are expected to watch all of these videos and complete the workbook required. 

Other notes