Chem 40 – Theme 6 | Generating electricity with chemical reactions


How were elements created? 

What you need to learn

Specific Outcome

  1. Explain equilibrium in terms of physical and chemical systems (C12-4-01)
  2. Write Equilibrium Law Expressions and calculate Keq, and various concentrations to explain how far a reaction as gone. (C12-04-02, C12-04-03, C12-04-04)
  3. Re-visit Le Chatelier’s principle and explore its uses in real life (C12-04-05, C12-04-06, C12-04-09)


How you are assessed


  1. Group design of food pH indicator and presentation
  2. Quizzes on writing ionic, net ionic, and solubility.  



Tutorial Videos

Watch these to help and guide you along. You are expected to watch all of these videos and complete the workbook required. 

Other notes


  • Notes 1 – Intro to electrochem looking at spontaneous vs non spontaneous reactions: notes1
  • Notes 2 – Voltaic cells: notes 2
  • Notes 3 – Electrolytic cells: notes 3
  • Notes 4 Electrolytic cells in brine solution – notes 4