Essential Math 30S

In this course, Grade 11 Essential Mathematics, you build on the knowledge and skills you gained while studying Grade 10 Essential Mathematics. In general, the Essential Mathematics curriculum emphasizes consumer applications, problem solving, decision making, and spatial sense. The specific topics studied in Grade 11 are listed below. After completing this course, you will be well-prepared to complete Grade 12 Essential Mathematics.

Units Covered

Unit 1: Interests & Credit

This is all about money in the real world! 

Interests, credits, and loans oh my!


Unit 2: 

Managing Money

You want to move out? How will you manage your money?  

Unit 3: 


We see a lot of statistics in the media. Some are skewed, some have been tampered with. How do we make sense out of statistics?

Unit 4: 

3-D Geometry 

3-D Geometry


Unit 5: 




Unit 6: 

Patterns and Relations 

Patterns and relations in the world. 


Unit 7: Games & Numbers

3-D Geometry