Gr.10 Interdisciplinary PBL Classroom

In this fantastic classroom, the students get to learn, and acquire all of their knowledge through an engaging and authentic environment.  They accomplish this by researching, discovering, exploring, and designing various activities to produce an end product about a central leading question.  This year, the gr.10 interdisciplinary PBL classroom will be completing many Projects where they will encompass all of their learning in gr.10 ELA, Geography, Science, and mathematics skills.


Classroom calendar

Project 1: Community Asset of Louis Riel School Division

In this project, the students are to complete a community asset project of the LRSD area. They are to explore and discover various assets  to a community such as economic, cultural, natural, physical, and historical that make a community thrive.

Skills involved:

  • Map reading and creation
  • Distance calculation on maps
  • Designing appropriate interview questions for interviewing people of the community
  • Identifying various physical and human geography in the region
  • Writing expositions in various ELA styles

End Product:

The authentic end project will be an interactive map of the chosen area of the LRSD. The students will explore their area, interview people of the community, and compile an interactive list of all of the assets found in their area. This will be in the form of a historical video, interview video, historical story from a certain perspective, and/or a write up of a certain asset. Once all of the information have been collected and completed by all the group members, they are to pinpoint and upload their info onto an interactive map and on to a website for presentation.  The groups will have to present their findings of the community to an authentic audience such as people of the community, parents, city councilors, realtors that may find the information useful, and other school members. Lastly, a gigantic map of the LRSD will be drawn and displayed to highlight all of the assets discovered by the students.   Pretty cool!

Useful Links:

Community Asset Center 

Community Asset Center pdf