Gr.10 Science

In Gr.10 Science, the course branches off into the 3 main science streams; physics (motion unit), chemistry (matter), and biology (ecology).  To conclude the science 10 course, an unit on weather is included to stir up interests from students.

The keys to success in science 10 are to come to class, participate, and complete your work. The gr.10 science course is designed to provide an overview of the 3 main science branches so it is possible to do well in the course as long as the above 3 keys are followed. The topics skim the surface of each of the subjects, and require mathematical skills along with analytical data skills.

Seating plan seating-plan

The units found in gr.10 science are as follows:

  1. Ecology
  2. In Motion (Physics Unit)
  3. Chemistry (Atoms and Elements)
  4. Weather

A typical rubric is as follows:

30% for Final Exam

70% for in class work

  • 35% / 70% is on tests
  • 40% / 70% is on assignments/projects
  • 25% / 70% is on quizzes
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Extra notes:

Worksheets and projects:

  1. In class Entire Workbooklet (Not revised): in-motion-notes-booklet
  2. In class determining distance vs displacement activity: determining-the-difference-between-distance-and-displacement
  3. Displacement and velocity lab with remote control: displacement-and-velocity-lab
  4. dt-graph assignment: dt-graph-assignment
  5. Graph review hand outs: graph-review-sheets
  6. Unit Conversions Practice: Conversions
  7. Unit Conversions KEY: conversion-key
  8. Newton’s worksheet: newtons-laws-calculations
  9. Newton’s Online Discovery Assignment- newtons-law-online-discovery-assign
  10. Project balloon car: project-balloon-car
  11. Momentum Worksheet – momentum-ws
  12. Momentum Worksheet KEY – momentum-ws-key
  13. Calculation review questions Worksheet – calculation-review-questions
  14. Calculation review questions KEY – calculation-review-questions-key
  15. Collision brakding distance lab: collisions-braking-distance-lab

Videos to watch:








Exam Review:

exam year end review

Gr.10 Final exam review

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