Top 10 List of Concepts to know!
1. Know how charges can be accumulated to create opposite charges!
2. Know the Laws of electric charge!
3. Know how to use a triboelectric series table?
4. Know how to draw a series and parallel circuit!
5. Know the differences between a series and parallel circuit!
6. Know how to calculate V, I, R in series ad parallel circuit
7. Calculate Power Consumption
8. Know how to describe the technologies involved with static electricity
9. Be able to briefly describe the historical developments of electricity
10. Describe various static electricity apparatus (electrophorus, electroscope, Leyden Jar, Van der Graft generator)

Atoms & Elements unit:

Use this page to guide you along with all the necessary items for the Unit.


Unit Project:

  • Element Cube
  • Chemistry Game


Unit Breakdown

    • Identifying elemental symbols and names with atomic masses and numbers
    • Calculating number of neutrons, electrons, atomic masses and protons
    • Draw Bohr models of elements
    • Explain the structure of the atom (location, size of the particles)
    • Organizing elements in the periodic table
    • Identifying families based on element info
    • Interpreting the importance of families on the periodic table.
    • Properties of metals, non-metals, and metalloids
    • Classifying elements to metals, non-metals or metalloids
    • Writing chemical formulas when provided with the bonding elements
    • Interpreting chemical formula (how many atoms)
    • Explaining the differences between physical and chemical change.
    • Identifying if a reaction has undergone a physical or chemical change