Top 10 List of Concepts to know!
1. Know how charges can be accumulated to create opposite charges!
2. Know the Laws of electric charge!
3. Know how to use a triboelectric series table?
4. Know how to draw a series and parallel circuit!
5. Know the differences between a series and parallel circuit!
6. Know how to calculate V, I, R in series ad parallel circuit
7. Calculate Power Consumption
8. Know how to describe the technologies involved with static electricity
9. Be able to briefly describe the historical developments of electricity
10. Describe various static electricity apparatus (electrophorus, electroscope, Leyden Jar, Van der Graft generator)

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Unit Project:


Unit Breakdown

Static electricity with balloons

John Travoltage

DC Circuit building simulation

Phet Ohm’s Law V=IR Simulation

Electromagnetic generator


Electricity Tutorial Videos