In the digestive system unit, a very unique way of getting the students to see the organization of the organs and how compact it is to fit all the organs is to use a layered digestive system model.  In this project, the students have to generate a layered digestive system with any materials they want. The key for this is for the students to have the accurate depiction of the various organs, the order of the digestive flow, and the placement of each of the organs.

To get the students started with this project, every student should have been exposed to the various organs in our digestive system. To make their project layered, they have provided with 3-4 large sheets of paper, and have 1 of the sheets be the “exterior”, with the subsequent sheets of paper being the internal organs. They are to imagine that they are performing surgery, and that if they were to cut open and create an opening, what would they see? and what would be underneath?

This is a great anatomy video to show: Dr.Gunther – Digestion

Extension: Other students have used other materials such as using cardboard and velcro to show the 3 dimension aspects of the digestive system, while others made a cake.  Creativity for this project was great!