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Topics in Science 40S + ELA 40S Interdisciplinary

Biology 30S

The theme of gr.11 biology revolves around the big picture of wellness and homeostasis in our human bodies.

Biology 40S

In Biology 12, the course explores the genetic makeup of organisms and the diversity of life.

Chemistry 30S

Fundamentals of Chemistry

In Chemistry 11, the course explores the fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative chemistry.

Chemistry 40S

Applications of Chemistry

In Chemistry 12, the course continues where chemistry 11 left off and ventures into a more theoretical look of chemistry.

Essential Math 30S

Math that will help you for the rest of your life!

In essential math 30S, you are to learn the math that will be applicable in real world context such as interests, credit, loans, and budgeting your finances.

Mr.Yeung’s Wonderments

Layered digestive system model

Layered digestive system model

In the digestive system unit, a very unique way of getting the students to see the organization of the organs and how compact it is to fit all the organs is to use a layered digestive system model.  In this project, the students have to generate a layered...

Exploring and proving gas laws

Exploring and proving gas laws

In the Gases and the Atmosphere unit of gr.11 chemistry, the gas laws (Boyle's, Charles, and Gay-Lussac) are often taught in a sequential and systematic manner. The first formula of Boyle's law is introduced, followed by the formula (pv = pv), and then a bunch of busy...

Chemistry Demos

We love doing demos and experiments in class. Check out all of our past demos conducted either by myself or my students.